Real-Time Flight Information at Your Fingertips
FlightView Screensaver is the first ever to track and display real time flight status for commercial aviation monitored by the FAA. Air travel professionals and air travel enthusiasts can select the destination or arrival airport for flights they want to track. A specific flight can be easily highlighted.
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Flight Data

Every five minutes FlightView Screensaver updates the flight status information during the first hour of operation. Afterwards the collected flight data is continuously replayed. Real-time data update resumes when the screensaver is reactivated. Flights can be animated along their flight path for the distance they have covered. The animation can be turned off so the flights are always shown at their last known position.

Flexible Display

The background for FlightView Screensaver is a map of the US. The displayed area covers the flight paths of the selected flights. The background is animated according to user specified parameters. Other configurable display features include: flight number, airport names, state names, a clock displaying current time, and latitude/longitude grid lines.

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 System Requirements:
 Windows 2000/XP
 Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
 Internet connection
 SVGA display
 Current Version: 1.0
 Release Date: 15 Nov 2003
 File Size: 640K
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 License valid for: 1 year
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