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FlightView Screensaver displays real-time flight data visually on a map for virtually all in-air flights in US airspace. You can track a single flight, track all flights between two airports, or view air traffic in and out of an airport. FlightView Screensaver adds fun to your desktop and puts real-time flight information at your fingertips.

Real-time flight data is shown only after you a purchase a license. Once you have purchased the license an e-mail will be sent to the address you purchase the license with. This will contain the license number and username necessary to register your FlightView Screensaver. Please be sure to check your Bulk Mail folder for this email.        Buy FlightView Screensaver

Find out how to:

  1. Get Started
  2. Register FlightView Screensaver
  3. Track Flights
  4. Customize the Display
  5. Troubleshoot
  6. Uninstall FlightView Screensaver

1. Get Started

Download the setup file for FlightView Screensaver (FVScreensaver.exe) and run it on your computer. Follow the install instructions. If during installation you set FlightView Screensaver to be your default screensaver, it will be activated automatically. Otherwise double click the FlightView Screensaver icon on your desktop.

2. Register FlightView Screensaver

FlightView Screensaver is configured by clicking on the Start menu button in the bottom left of your screen, selecting Settings and then Control Panel. In the new dialog box double click on the Display icon. Select the Screen Saver tab in the Display Properties dialog box and make sure the FlightView ScreenSaver is selected in the Screen Saver area below the monitor icon. Then click the Settings... button to launch the FlightView Screensaver Configuration Box:

Select the License tab in the FlightView Screensaver Configuration Dialog Box. Enter your user name and license number:

Go through the other tabs to configure the flights you want to track.

3. Track Flights

Select the Flights tab in the FlightView Screensaver Configuration Dialog Box.

To track flights between two airports, select the departure airport and the arrival airport from the drop down lists. By default, flights between the two airports will be colored green. You can customize the color in the Display Options tab.

To track airport traffic, select the airport from the drop down list, select the airline you would like to track and indicate whether you want to track incoming, outgoing or all traffic by clicking the appropriate radio button. By default, incoming flights are drawn in green and outgoing in yellow. You can customize the colors in the Display Options tab.

To track a single flight, select the airline and enter the flight number. By default, the flight will be drawn in red. You can customize the color in the Display Options tab. Check the Display Flight Info for the selected flight in table box to view detailed flight information such as departure and arrival times.

4. Customize the display

The Display Options tab contains a set of static display parameters such as state names and latitude/longitude grid lines that can be turned on or off. You can also turn the background map on or off. The color of the plane icons is fully customizable.

In the Animations tab you can enable or disable the animation of flights along their flight path. You can also configure the animation of the background map.

5. Troubleshoot

Problem: Some of the planes do not move along their flight path when flight animation is turned on.

Solution: Flights that have recently taken off or appeared in the display area do not have enough movement data to enable animation. Animation will resume after several cycles of flight data update.

Error Message: Connection with the server failed! Either there is a problem with your Internet connection or the server is down for the moment.

Solution: Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. If you are, then the flight data server is down and you need to try again at a later time.

Error Message: The license number submitted to the server is rejected. Please check the help file for more information on the error.

Solution: The user name and license number you entered to register the screensaver is not recognized by the flight data server. If you have purchased the license number, please contact us.

Error Message: It appears that there are more active sessions than the number of licenses you purchased for this license number. Please check the help file for more information on this error.

Solution: You have reached the maximum number of simultaneous active screensaver session allowed by the license you purchased. You can either purchase more licenses or stop another active screensaver session.

Error Message: Trash data received from the server. If this happens constantly, please check the help file on how to report this issue.

Solution: The trash data can be caused by either an error in the flight data server or the flight data is corrupted during the download process. If this happens often, it indicates an error in the flight data server. You can contact us or try again later.

Error Message: Internal Program Error. Please check the help file on how to report this issue.

Solution: Please contact us with a detailed description of how this error occured.

7. Uninstall FlightView Screensaver

  1. Go to Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs
  2. Select FlightView Screensaver 1.0 in the list of programs
  3. Click the Add/Remove button
  4. Click Yes in the pop-up dialog box to confirm your intention
  5. FlightView Screensaver is now removed from your system.
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